Q) You've come back from a draw from Kochi against Kerala Blasters. It’s quite tough playing in Kochi against Kerala Blasters, your thoughts?

LG: For us it was a positive result considering we played away in Kochi where it is not easy to play because the atmosphere out there is fantastic. At least for me, I like to play in that kind of atmosphere and we came back with a point that will give us confidence for our next 2 home games.

Q) Last Time you played here you won against FC Goa and now you are playing the second home game, how does playing at home boosts your confidence especially this season considering you have only won one game?

LG: It is very important that we won our first game at home so for our fans it was an important win as well.

We have got fantastic fans who are always behind us every time and they support us. It’s not going to be an easy game because Chennaiyin FC are coming on the back of a good win but we play home & are ready since we had a good week of training and we are confident that we can take the three points.

Q) What kind of game are you expecting from Chennaiyin FC tomorrow?

LG: I cannot say what kind of game we are expecting as we want to be prepared for everything. Most important for us is to control the game to have momentum & we can’t afford to let Chennaiyin FC to control the game so we will start from the beginning with this idea and we will have to make the game easy for ourselves.

Q) Chennaiyin FC are the in-form side for the encounter, do you think they are the favourites in that sense?

LG: No, I don’t think so. Like I said we are prepared for everything & want to show that we are getting better with every passing game as that gives us a lot of confidence.

Q) Jeje is one of the star players for Chennaiyin FC as he’s looking in good touch, is there a specific plan to stop him?

LG: No, we haven’t discussued about him especially, we discussed about the team as a whole. Jeje is a very good player & I like him very much because he’s a very good striker & a natural goal-scorer. But, we have Balwant Singh who is also a good striker and after this encounter, I hope that our striker will be on the winning side.

Q) What are your thoughts on a longer league as compared to last year?

LG: We have more games and it is good for the improvement of the league & football in India. Since we have have more time between the games, it gives us enough time to train more & rectify the mistakes which we make in one game. We have more days to prepare for the games unlike last year, we were playing every 3-4 days & didn’t have too much time to train mostly after the games as we were recovering but now every session is better for every team.

Q) After 4 games this season, have you identified any weaknesses in the side or any specific area that the team is lacking?

LG: I don’t think we have any weaknesses. If we did, then we normally try to improve that & that’s why we analyze every game. Every player has to analyze his playing style so we can improve after every game.

First game when we played in Bangalore, we didn’t play like the way we would have wanted to but probably it was the first game & we are a new team but after that as I have said we have improved game to game. We are a strong group & showed character against Kerala Blasters to come back after 1-0 against this is good mentaility that we need and we are confident.

Q) Are there any fitness issues in the side?

LG: Everyone is fine for the game.